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Bob Nielsen,
Corporate Compliance Manager, MainRoad Group

Session Synopsis: Safety Climate Tool - Industry Experiences with the SCT

You may have heard of or used the Safety Climate Tool, available through the BCCSA. The tool was designed to identify and provide contractors with real opportunities to improve their organizations.

The Safety Climate Tool (SCT) is an anonymous survey that allows employees to speak candidly about the organizations' safety program. Travis Robertson will be providing a brief history of the SCT and touch on the future applications of the survey. Industry expert Bob Nielsen, from Mainroad Group of Companies will be sharing his first hand experience with the SCT and the significant positive changes his organization has made because of the SCT.


Bob Nielsen has been a Veteran of the Road Maintenance and Construction industry for 20 years. Bob provides strategic leadership to the Mainroad Group of Companies providing innovative solutions to exercise his passion for Safety that have been described as both engaging and effective.

His areas of expertise include; designing, implementing and auditing safety, quality and environmental programs for road maintenance and construction. Bob implements International Standards by using ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 and COR. These standards have allowed Bob and his team to ensure that creative solutions are achieved using the power of WE. They have been strategic tools that have reduced incidents by minimizing waste and errors while increasing awareness, communication and engagement.

Bob and his team won both the Mavis Johnson award from the Canadian association of Road Safety Professionals as well as the National Special Project award from the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering for “The Cone Zone Experience”. More recently the Deputy Ministers Award for excellence in Safety Innovation for High Speed Traffic Control Training. Bob is a past director on the board of the Mainroad group and currently still serves on the Board of Directors of Cloverdale Rodeo Association.

The list of groups Bob is a member of and contributes to are as follows:

  • Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals
  • Canadian Society of Safety Engineering
  • Transportation Association of Canada
  • Road Safety at Work Alliance
  • Work Zone Safety Alliance
  • BC NAOSH Committee
  • BC Road Safety Strategy group "Vision Zero"
  • Chartered Quality Institute
  • International Register of Certified Auditors
  • Institute of Corporate Directors
  • The Employers Forum

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